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Real-time communication across the globe with confidence

Does your brand have what it takes to survive in an age of multichannel communication? Create great experiences for your customers across all of the channels they already use and enjoy. Create the exact solution you'll need to keep clients engaged throughout their trip. Ranging from voice to rtc video call and recording, IntrfaXe is your go-to for all that you need in order to build reliable relationships with your customers.

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A Real-time communication platform with strong security and interoperability.

Add voice, video, messaging, natural language processing, and SIP trunking to your system. IntrfaXe offers a single platform with customizable APIs for any channel, built-in intelligence, and a global infrastructure to help you scale your business. Unlike other communication API solutions, IntrfaXe offers a comprehensive set of APIs and SDKs for every platform, as well as native serverless tools, several AI integrations, and a comprehensive set of serverless tools.

To link you with customers, it powers tailored engagements and trusted worldwide communications. Connect with customers on their favourite platforms, from any location. Integrate strong APIs quickly to begin developing solutions for recording and voice and video chat.

Support any channel with one platform

Connect with customers on their preferred channels—anywhere in the world. Quickly integrate powerful APIs to start building solutions for SMS and WhatsApp messaging, voice, video, and email.

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Drive engagement in any virtual space

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“Our users spend as much as 30 minutes a day in video, whereas they might spend 10 minutes a day in the core product.”


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“The average session length for Suspects is about 2.5x that of other mobile games, largely due to the voice-chat capability.”


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Get full control over every aspect of your experience with SDKs for web and mobile

Video Platform
IntrfaXe Video

Create high quality video solutions for all needs into your applications.

Voice Platform
IntrfaXe Voice

Integrate voice calling solutions into your applications.

Recording Platform
IntrfaXe Recording

Build audio and video recording experience into your applications.

WHY intrfaXe?

Use from anywhere

Wherever you go, IntrfaXe goes with you. From any device, you can get the same experience. From your Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox web browser, iPhone®, iPad®, or Android device, you can access your conversations, communities, and documents. IntrfaXe will follow you everywhere you go, allowing you to collaborate and access data whenever, wherever, and however you want. Connect from your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Android device, and carry on with your ongoing calls while you’re in transit.

All in one

Most communication platforms are actually a collection of distinct products that have been bolted together for customer’s smooth use. IntrfaXe is a single API that combines voice telecom, modern WebRTC, and IP messaging. It can be used to create tightly integrated cross-channel communications apps that maintain context even when the channels change.


Top 3 reasons customers choose IntrfaXe

Smooth Onboarding Process

Easy and quick sign up process within just 30 seconds

Multi-factor Authentication

It ensures the security and the protection of highly confidential data

Manage Realtime Data

Project dashboard shows you realtime data of activities in hours

IntrfaXe Dashboard

Project view defines the grid of projects created by the master account. It also helps you to navigate through the entire system and monitor each and every activity on your project.

Applicable Industries



Healthcare businesses all over the globe can benefit from simple, compliant and secure communication solutions. Remote health monitoring, patient management, corporate communication, and, of course, telemedicine and tele-consultation have all benefited from our texting, voice, and rtc video call and recording. All that the patients have to worry about is their health.



Use our voice and video call features to interview candidates for your prestigious positions. The Covid-era introduced this convenient way of choosng the right person for the job and we make it easier for you.

Sales and field services

Sales and field services

For marketplaces and e-commerce, a comprehensive communication solution is available. IntrfaXe uses chat, voice, and rtc video call to connect buyers and sellers in real time. Our communication tools are specifically developed with your industry in mind to engage consumers, improve customer service, and boost sales.



Individuals and communities in global social networks can be connected using a customised communication solution. In the Covid-19 era, the demand for social interaction is higher than ever. With our powerful chat API, you may facilitate romantic connections, eliminate social isolation, and develop social communities. Integrate voice and video calling to strengthen bonds. User happiness and brand loyalty are boosted by positive communication experiences.

Expert services

Expert services

The time has passed for in person expert interactions.

With such hectic routines, chat with your lawyer, accountant, assistant, or any other expert with the click of a mouse.



Collaborate with studends by making breakout rooms to work in small groups, conduct one-on-one tutorials with the option to screen share and send media-rich files, broadcast coaching sessions to larger groups, and set up automatic reminders for homework deadlines or class schedules.

IntrfaXe provides all possible innovative solutions for the difficulties faced in the way of imparting knowledge.


Embed real-time voice and video with a few lines of code

Cross-platform SDKs help you get to market faster.

Pricing plans

Pricing that suits your needs

Start with our competitive pay-as-you-go pricing. For deeper discounts on committed spend as you scale, talk with our sales team


Audio & Video Call: $ 0.0016 / Min / Participant



  • Voice - N/A
  • Video - N/A
  • Storage - N/A


Audio & Video Call: $ 0.0014 / Min / Participant



  • Voice - $0.0023 /Min/Participant
  • Video - $0.0036 /Min/Participant
  • Storage - $0.002 /GB/Day


Audio & Video Call: $ 0.0012 / Min / Participant



  • Voice - $0.002 /Min/Participant
  • Video - $0.0032 /Min/Participant
  • Storage - $0.002 /GB/Day


Audio & Video Call: $ 0.001 / Min / Participant



  • Voice - $0.0017 /Min/Participant
  • Video - $0.0028 /Min/Participant
  • Storage - $0.002 /GB/Day


Audio & Video Call: $ 0.001 / Min / Participant



  • Voice - $0.0014 /Min/Participant
  • Video - $0.0024 /Min/Participant
  • Storage - $0.002 /GB/Day


Audio & Video Call: $ 0.0006 / Min / Participant



  • Voice - $0.0011 /Min/Participant
  • Video - $0.002 /Min/Participant
  • Storage - $0.002 /GB/Day

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